How to Effectively Use Video

Videos and webinars are one of the best ways to scale your message and capture your audience’s attention. Video content is easy to consume for clients and just as easy to share.

Videos are great for instructional purposes or other areas in your business where you say the same thing over and over again.

Imagine never having to repeat the same message a hundred times a month?

Video can capture your most powerful ideas and get the message across to your vendor, patient, or staff. Here are a few different ways

Here are a few different ways that you can use video to make your life easier:

  • patient test kit instructions
  • new patient orientation
  • invitations to events
  • explaining important concepts that apply to everyone
  • how to videos for your staff’s digitals tasks
  • staff training and policy videos
  • educational webinars
  • communicating with your vendors
  • sharing test results with patients

Hardware required:

  • smartphone or video recorder (I use and iPhone 6)
  • mic for best audio quality (I use a Shure mic)
  • LED lighting for best video quality
  • computer to edit videos
  • Camtasia or other video editing software

Below you will find a few examples of how we use video to improve process and efficiency in our practice model:

Example of Webinar for patients

The Doctor of the Future

How to get healthy without taking a million supplements

Example of How to video

How to create an automation using EventBrite and Active Campaign

Webinars for Doctors

The 10 Most Powerful Analogies to Explain Functional Medicine

Patient case study

Leaky gut

Patient lab instruction video

GI-MAP patient instruction video

Patient Education

How To Videos

Lab Instructions

Patient Case Studies

Doctor Education

Program Explanation