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A practitioner training program to help you ditch insurance for good, improve patient outcomes, and build a successful 100% cash practice.

Here's what some of the industry leaders
have to say about The Living Proof Institute

“Dr. Sachin Patel is running one of the most innovative and progressive functional medicine practices in North America. We have been consistently impressed by his marketing, community building and business efficiency processes and so were thrilled when we heard about his new program. We have no hesitation in recommending it to any health professional wanting to build a successful clinic and accelerate health creation in their community.”

James Maskell, Founder, Evolution of Medicine

“Actionable, clear, concise, memorable and accurate. This is how I view Sachin’s ability to get his message across. He’s looking to drive change in how we practice medicine. This requires us all to roll up our sleeves and battle. Proudly, I’m right there with him.”

Ben Lynch ND, Founder, Seeking Health

“Dr. Sachin Patel is one of the most brilliant minds I’ve come across in holistic medicine. He has an outstanding reputation as a clinician and knows how to effectively communicate the message of health to patients and practitioners. Every morning I see Dr. Patel’s inspiring/educational Facebook posts come across my feed. He’s great at cutting through the noise and delivering the most impactful information that helps others improve their quality of life. That being said, he’s also a master marketer. I’ve witnessed his ability to fill community workshops over and over again. If you have the chance to be mentored by Dr. Patel, I recommend taking advantage.”

Matt Loop DC, Founder, DCIncome

What can the Living Proof Certification do for Your Practice?

  • Discover how to ditch insurance for good and build a successful 100% cash practice that gets phenomenal results for your patients.
  • Use our done-for-you marketing templates that are proven to acquire up to 10 new patients a week for a brick and mortar practice.
  • Learn the exact clinical protocols and patient education strategy that has helped us create a high patient compliance and success rate that gets 95% of patients to say that they would refer others to the practice.
  • Understand the exact way to position your practice so that patients are willing to pay you in cash for months of services in advance after only having one session.
  • Once you’ve completed the program, your practice will be listed as a certified clinic where you’ll gain exposure to over 250,000 unique website visitors each year.

Dear Fellow Practitioner,

You may not think so right now, but your practice success is incredibly important in solving the health challenges in your local community. Your success is important for me and my team too.  Here’s why…Our mission is to create a tribe of Functional Medicine practitioners who get phenomenal results with patients who are underserved by the traditional medical system. We want you to build a 6 or 7-figure practice that doesn’t rely on insurance. This practice would be successful not because it’s a ‘patient mill’, but because you get amazing results for your patients and have solid systems in place that allow you to scale your impact.

We know that building a practice likely hasn’t been easy for you, but it wasn’t that you did anything ‘wrong’…Let me explain. In school, you worked hard to gain clinical information so you could offer the best care to your patients. You had a big vision for the type of practice you wanted to build, and were likely told ‘if you build it, they will come’. Then what happened?

Things didn’t go the same way that you envisioned it, and you quickly learned that to run a successful practice, you needed to know a lot of things that were missing from your education.

Each practitioner has a different set of challenges…Ask yourself these questions to see what might be missing:
Do you struggle to consistently get new patients to join your practice?
Do you have a way to find and hire the best staff members who can exponentially grow your practice?
Are you confident you can treat someone with an illness you’ve never worked with before?
Do you have patients dropping out of your practice before they get real results?
Do you feel lost when it comes to marketing your practice, or at least know that you could be doing a better job marketing online?

Here’s the real problem: your professors didn’t know how to build a successful functional medicine practice in the real world, which is why they didn’t show you how. The practitioners who’ve built thriving practices have all invested in their own training and education outside of school. You know who they are because they’re the practitioners that everyone talks about.

I know, because I was in that same boat. I didn’t know how to build a Functional Medicine practice, so I spent 5 years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and countless nights and weekends away from my family trying to figure it all out. Since then, not only have I built a 7-figure Functional Medicine practice that gets phenomenal results for our patients, but I’ve trained other compassionate practitioners to improve their results by 2X or 3X.

I recognize that the model that I use won’t work for 100% of practitioners out there, and I only want to work with doctors who we are confident that we can get great results for.

So, this is what I’m offering to you. Let’s connect for a Discovery Call where I can find out more about what type of practice you want to build and what your current situation is. We can answer any questions that you have about the program. At the end of the call, if we think it’s a good fit, we’ll invite you into the program. If we don’t think that it’s a good fit for your practice at this time, then we’ll share with you resources that’ll help you reach your goals.

When you schedule, I’m also offering a free gift to learn your communication style. This will help you to improve compliance rates with your patients, and how to lead your staff members more effectively.

There’s a lot of sick patients in the world who are looking for the solution that you have to offer. You shouldn’t have to spend 5 years of figuring it out yourself in order to get there.

Schedule your discovery call today to see if we can help make that big vision you have for your practice- a reality.

Looking forward,

Dr. Sachin Patel

Founder, Living Proof Institute

“Before I joined Sachin’s group, I had hired business coaches, read a bunch of books, and took online courses on marketing. I felt like I “understood” marketing, but I was trying too many things and not getting very far. Sachin’s group gave me a concrete marketing strategy that wasn’t just theory. He gave me the exact emails to send, the exact pictures to use, the exact facebook ad, exact powerpoint to give. I got 10 new patients from my first talk. I was amazed that it worked. And it continues to work.

I highly recommend Sachin’s program to any functional medicine practitioner who’s felt overwhelmed and confused by marketing. Sachin gave me clear instructions, crazy amounts of information and support, and the confidence to get out there. “

Dr. Amy Ear, PhD, LAc

What's inside the program

The exact blueprint that we've used to build a 7-figure a year Functional Medicine practice.

Marketing for your Brick & Mortar Practice

A proven marketing strategy that works for brick & mortar practices. This automated approach to marketing will help you gain a consistent flow of new leads and new patients. No need to 'guess' any longer, with this system in place, you can be confident that you marketing efforts will produce results.

Time-Saving Office Optimization

How to lower overhead and save time in practice using cutting edge tools that help you exponentially grow your practice. This gives you the exact protocols to help you hire and train the right staff, create a raving fan base, automate administrative work you are doing manually, and more.

1-on-1 Practitioner Success Coaching

A recent survey from the IFM has shown that a practitioners mindset is directly connected to their ability to generate revenue and build a strong practice. These six 30 minute one-on-one Practitioner Success Coaching Calls will help you overcome limiting beliefs and elevate your life and practice to a whole new level.

Clinical Training & Done For You Protocols

This comprehensive approach to clinical training will help you to more effectively address the tricky symptoms that your patients come in with and to confidently work with illnesses that you've never heard of. Increase your clinical competency and confidence so that you'll feel good about charging more for your services. Many clinical education programs don't go beyond 'Functional Medicine theory'. We'll show you how to apply that knowledge to the cases you see day-in and day-out.

Group Coaching Calls

You'll have access to Four 60-minute Web-based group coaching calls per month with a hand-selected community of practitioners who want to build a stronger practice and serve their patients at a higher level (just like you).
Two coaching calls per month focus on practice management, marketing, and practice growth.
Two coaching calls per month focused on protocols and strategies to improve your clinical outcomes.

The Essential Practitioner Tool Box

Gain access to the Essential Practitioner Toolbox with the most effective tools and software that work to automate, personalize, and effectively run your practice. No need to 'start from scratch', as you'll have done for your ads, online funnels, e-mail automation series, practitioner educational content, and more.

Here's what some of our certified practitioners
are saying about The Living Proof Institute

Frustrated sums up my feelings before working the Dr. Sachin Patel and the Living Proof Mentorship Program. I was stuck in a non-thriving practice, relying on insurance payments to pay my bills, not being able to help my patients as much as I wanted to and quickly moving towards burnout. After beginning conversations with Dr. Patel I quickly realized there was a new way to practice. One that was more focused on the patient and less reliant on the system. Dr. Patel helped me to start a new practice from the ground floor with guidance, encouragement and tools to get started. My new practice is just over a year old, is growing, and was able to sustain me without ever being in the RED. Not to many practices can claim that from starting BRAND NEW. I am so very appreciative of Dr. Patel’s patience and willingness to help BUILD a BETTER system, one that focuses on the patient, focuses on health, and puts the responsibility/education back in the hands of the people. Thank you Living Proof Mentorship Team!”

Dr. Joshua Rosinski, DC, CFMP

“Dr. Sachin Patel is a pioneer that is changing the way you attract patients and run a successful functional medicine practice in the 21st century. As a mentor and a coach he was always available to help and give countless hours of his time so you could be successful at all tasks. On a personal, ethical, and professional level he holds himself to the highest of standards.  Dr. Patel’s ability to help people and communicate with doctors and patients effectively was second to none. I am very pleased to be associated with him and call him a colleague and more importantly my friend.“

Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N., M.S., CFMP
Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist
Diplomate, American Clinical Board of Nutrition

“When it comes to implementation and success Dr. Sachin Patel has proven himself. He is a man of impeccable character and has impressed me with his sincere desire to take his clinical knowledge and share it with his colleagues. The world is a better place because of him and I am proud that our paths in life have crossed.“

Dr. Charles Irvine, DC, CFMP
Dr. Steven Irvine, DC, CFMP

Join this program if you are…


A New

If you’re new to Functional medicine, and determined to make a real change in the world. We’ll show you how to build a 100% cash-based practice that gets outstanding clinical results for your local community. On the clinical side, you’ll learn step-by-step what labs to order, how to interpret them, and what protocols to recommend. On the practice management side, our support and guidance will help you efficiently market your services and scale your practice beyond what you might have thought was possible. No need to waste years of time, money, and energy figuring it all out yourself.  Avoid common traps new practitioners fall into and let us show you a model that works.


A Seasoned

If you’re a seasoned practitioner who is looking get even better clinical results and build a practice that can scale without you being the primary practitioner. We’ll show you how to fine tune your clinical protocols, use the latest marketing tactics, generate passive revenue online. Some of our past coaching clients have been practicing for over 20 years, and have reached a certain degree of success, but they knew that they needed an updated marketing strategy if there were going to reach that next level. Let us help you maximize your contribution to your community by helping you reach more patients in desperate need of your care. Learn our proven automation strategy and grow your practice while you spend more time with your family.

Do not join this program if…

If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, this isn’t for you. We are looking for ethical game changers who are passionate about helping people and becoming role models in their community.

If you enter with a negative mindset, this isn’t for you. We are looking for ambitious practitioners who are committed to growing their practice.

If you’re not willing to step outside of your comfort zone, this isn’t for you. We are looking for practitioners who are in the driver’s seat of their own life and aren’t looking for anyone to blame for their lack of success. We want practitioners who want to contribute to a cause greater than themselves.

“My first impression of Sachin Patel was he is a man with a mission. Gentle, focused, confident but humble, and clearly someone to be reckoned with. He exudes passion and is obviously a life long learner. He engages life to the fullest and he does not have an arrogant bone in his body. He is determined to change this world for the better and I definitely want to be on his team when the going gets tough.”

Dr. Guy Danielson, MD, Neurosurgeon and Functional Medicine Practitioner

BONUS #1 - Exclusive Mastermind Group

Join other dedicated practitioners to collaborate and share your wins, soundboard your ideas, and learn from the experience of others. This group is designed to help you get the most out of this program and mastermind with clinicians on a similar journey. You will benefit from the diversity of practitioners, clinical pearls, and have an opportunity to contribute.

BONUS #2 - Patient Experience Package (Value $2,497)

Get the full experience of going through the Living Proof Practice as a patient. We’ll walk you through just as if you were a patient from beginning to end. The benefits are two-fold. You’ll get the chance to experience first-hand how a 7-figure practice runs from the patient’s perspective. And, you’ll get a second opinion to help you live a healthier lifestyle and reach optimum health.

What's included in your
certification program

Clinical Coaching Calls

  • Two clinical group coaching calls per month where in a group setting, you’ll get to review complex cases, so you’ll know how to address the trickiest of patients no matter what illness they have.
  • Discover which supplements and protocols are most effective so you can have more predictable outcomes with your patients.
  • Find out which Lab Tests to run in different situations that help to get to the root cause of your patients health challenges.
  • Gain access to a database of Clinical Case Studies so you can learn from real case studies of patients that we’ve helped.

Growth Consultations

  • Two web-based 60 minute group coaching calls per month that focus on how to gain new patients and grow your practice while offering a high level experience that turns your patients into raving fans.
  • 6 private 1-on-1 Practice Success Coaching Sessions, to help you overcome limiting beliefs to break through that glass ceiling that most doctors hit.
  • Our hand-selected personal development books and resources to help you elevate your level of success in practice year after year.

Done For Your Content

  • Done for you digital content, journal articles, and educational media that position you to be seen as a top health expert amongst your patients and local community.
  • Copy and paste social media content to help you build trust and authority with your patients and followers.
  • Done for you ads that are proven to attract new patients into your practice.
  • White labeled workshops so that you can immediately offer high-level education to your prospects and patients with pre-made content.

Brick & Mortar Practice Marketing

  • A complete strategy on how to run highly rewarding community workshops and online webinars to effectively share your health expertise with those who need you the most. (This doubles over as both patient education and marketing)
  • Access high converting ad copy, patient acquisition funnels, and nurture campaigns that help you attract and convert new patients into your practice.
  • Gain special access and pricing to our design team to help your website and clinic stand out from the other practitioners in your community(This saves you the time and frustration of hiring and training a designer)
  • Save money on our recommended in-practice technology that’ll save you and your staff lots of time and headaches.
  • Access the top Social Media Strategy, Online Tools, and Best Online Marketing Practices that we’ve invested spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn.

Office Optimization

  • Use done-for-you patient education, webinars, scheduling, marketing, and staff training that you can automate to gain more patients, generate more revenue, while you save time in practice.
  • Discover the secrets to find and hire the right staff and associates who can exponentially grow your practice, and reduce operational drag. (We’ve used this to build a 14 person team where everyone loves their job)
  • How to lower practice overhead and save unnecessary time spend on administrative work that can be automated by using cutting edge tools that are easy to implement.
  • A comprehensive guide to running in-office workshops for your patients so you can educate your patients at scale and save time in practice.
  • Learn how to create an exceptional client experience to turn your patients into raving fans who send you more referrals.

Interpretive Video Guides

  • Eliminate clinical confusion with a series of Lab Test Interpretive Video Guides that walk through which Functional Lab tests to run, and how to interpret Lab tests to get the best results for your patients.  (With this resource, you’ll learn from over 20 years of clinical experience)
  • Gain access to our proprietary clinical protocols and the exact system that we use to get phenomenal results for those tough-to-treat patients who they feel like ‘they’ve seen everyone and tried everything‘.
  • Discover the secrets of how to coach your clients to their unique communication style so that your patient compliance rates go through the roof, patients get better outcomes, and become evangelists promoting your practice.

Facebook Mastermind Group

  • Gain exclusive access to our private Facebook Mastermind Group so you can collaborate with other doctors who also want to make a big impact in their community.
  • Share your small wins, setbacks and get support from other practitioners going through the same process.
  • Access real-time clinical and marketing support from the Living Proof Team and the community of dedicated health professionals.

Ready to join the movement?